Suck Less

Climate change is happening whether people believe it or not, and we are contributing to the rising temperatures. We have all seen the many campaigns for saving trees and polar bears. I decided to choose a topic that has not been explored as much. Vampire power is energy that is used by any appliances that are plugged in that are not being used such as charging cords, kitchen appliances, electronics and many others. I want to bring awareness to millennial generation, the future caretakers of Earth, about how much electricity is being wasted through vampire energy. My campaign will show how much money is being wasted on this unused energy and how it is affecting the Earth’s climate. Also it will show what the viewer can do reduced vampire energy.

Process Sketches
First I created the identity so that this campaign would have a recognizable logo. I worked on concepts and decided on an identity with an outlet plug for the logomark and simple, round san serif signature.
Motion Graphics
This motion graphic features blood dripping from an outlet to represent the wasted electricity that is used when you leave electronics plugged in. The dark colors of the illustration represent the darkness and to show no one is home. This serves as a reminder to unplug electronics when you leave your home.
The infographic shows the main facts of the campaign featuring facts about how much money American waste each year. This infographic is illustrated in a circuitry break down. The bottom of the infographic shows an isometric view of a home. In this home, it shows each room and breaks down the amount of money that is spent in each room on vampire power. 
These posters use the opposites of light and dark to emphasize and draw attention to the outlets and showing what is plugged in. Each poster has a culprit which is highlighted by the light source which also shows the bleeding outlet. 
Vinyl Installation
Final, this vinyl wall piece shows blood dripping from the outlet and is meant to draw the attention of the viewer. 


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