This first animation was created for the Gath-o website. It was created in After Effects. I used the Bodymovin plugin to save it as a .json file so that it is able to be uploaded to a website. This specific animation is animates as you scroll down the page. See the animation on the home page of the Gath-o website.
This animation was created in Adobe Animate. The illustration was made in Illustrator and then imported it to Animate. I was inspired by space travel and how we are moving away from space exploration. I wanted to show space as the beautiful and mysterious place that it is through this.
In this motion graphic, I used Photoshop’s timeline to create each frame using my Wacom tablet. I then imported it into After Effects and changed the colors and created the background.
This motion graphic was an experiment I did while working on my Suck Less campaign. I ended up going in a different direction for that campaign (check out that motion graphic here).


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